Streetstyle in dublin (ja, så er jeg hjemme)

Jeg har virkelig været på jagt efter folk med fed stil i Dublin hele ugen og desværre vil jeg ikke promovere Dublin som den mest spændende by når det kommer til anderledes, spændende og iøjnefaldende påklædning :( jeg fangede en enkelt super sød pige og fik derudover snappet et par billeder af et par forbigående.I've been on a hunt for people with cool style in Dublin all weeek, and it's sad o say, but I wouldn't promote Dublin to be the most exciting city when it comes to different, exciting and eye-catching clothing :( I did though get a snap of a super cute girl and some people on the street walking by.

By clicking the photo it will get bigger and you'll se all of the cool rings on her fingers.

btw. happy sct. patricks day

in this group of girls, leather jackets and black nylons seem very popular.

stylish girl doing a purple on purple shoe-nylon thing.

bad picture, bad angle, but with her bright blue belt, she looks pretty cool.

This is not the only girl i saw in Dublin wearing a fur-coat, but she's the youngest. Apart from her pants I think she looks pretty cool and "old, rich lady"-ish :)

I saw a lot of young hip moms in Dublin, this one and the one below (red jacket and hat) are just some of them.
again, sorry for the bad photographing. I'm just learning you know.

hot girl in mens pants, very buisness-y.

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